About Sawa Leaders

Sawa Leaders are highly inspirational individuals from the world’s poorest countries who have found simple, practical and proven local solutions to extreme poverty. Sawa Leaders themselves live and/or work within extreme poverty and demonstrate tremendous leadership and extraordinary selflessness, determination and passion to help others in their community. Their solutions were started independently from outside support and have already created significant local impact, which can be shared and replicated by other communities in extreme poverty.

Sawa World also approves Sawa SparksSawa Sparks are up and coming Sawa Leaders who are also helping their communities out of extreme poverty. 

(1) Location

  • Comes from one of Sawa World’s current focus countries where a local media partnership has been approved and established: one of the 50 poorest countries in the world.
  • Must live and/or work within an impoverished community in one of Sawa World’s focus countries.

(2) Personal story

  • Has a deeply personal and inspiring story of why they want to help their community and why they started their project/s.

(3) Replicable Solutions

  • Started their initiative independently without the assistance of foreign aid (material resources or financial assistance).
  • Continues to operate without being dependent on foreign aid or under the mandate of an aid organization. If assistance is received, it is only to assist in expanding their project.
  • Developed a simple, practical and proven approach to solve extreme poverty that can be easily replicated by others in extreme poverty.

 (4) Training ability

  • Has strong leadership skills and the willingness to teach and inspire others to solve extreme poverty in their own communities.
  • Can clearly communicate how they developed their approach and found effective solutions to reduce extreme poverty with little resources.

(5) Impact (significant and quantifiable impact to date)

  • Projects have been operational for at least three years.
  • Demonstrated success in providing practical, long-term solutions in one or more of the five Sawa World Themes.

(6) Ongoing impact (future goals)

  • Project continues to have a significant and growing impact in local communities.
  • Has a clear vision and operational plan demonstrating a long-term commitment to the project.

(7) Access

  • Has reliable access to and a working knowledge of email, web and/or mobile technology.

(8) Neutrality

  • Project is community-based; it is non-governmental, non-political, and non-religious in nature.

(9) Personality

  • Displays a respectful and courteous persona while valuing teamwork and equality amongst all.

(10) Commitment

  • Sees the benefits in becoming a Sawa Leader and can clearly explain how the Sawa World will complement the success and growth of their work.
  • Willing to participate in regular communication, activities, and events with the Sawa World team, Youth Reporters, and Media Partners. 

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