Exciting New Development - Sawa World Scales Up!

Exciting New Development - Sawa World Scales Up!

Although we may have been a little quiet in our impact news, exciting new developments are happening at Sawa World!

The organization is currently in the midst of a six month International Pilot Project designed to test expansion of its innovative model into four new countries. The Pilot Project, which began in July 2015, will run until the end of the year with the goal of expanding access to locally-created skills to communities in South Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, and Sierra Leone.

Overall eleven Solutions were provided as part of the International Pilot Project, and Pilot participants were encouraged to learn and implement at least one of the Solutions each month. Sawa World will be providing additional support to participants through monthly Skype calls, emails and surveys.

Since the Pilot Project’s inception, Sawa World partners in each of these countries have replicated several solutions with great success! Replication of Eco Briquettes in South Sudan, Paper Bags in Tanzania, and Liquid Soap in Kenya have already begun helping locals to improve their livelihoods.

Violet, the leader of a women’s group in South Sudan led her group in beginning replication of Eco Briquettes after watching the Sawa World Solution video. Violet’s efforts led to her being interviewed on a local radio station, earning her the affectionate nickname ‘Charcoal Violet’ in her community.

In Tanzania, members of Morogoro Youth Development, a youth group in Tanzania, successfully replicated Paper Bags, marking the first time that a Sawa World solution has been replicated in the country.

Stories like these really show the value of Sawa World’s model in empowering local communities and improving lives. Over 100 people are participating in the International Pilot Project, and we look forward to sharing many more successful impact stories as they come in. Follow the progress of Sawa World’s expansion and ongoing activities in Uganda here!

Watch the solution videos here:

  1. Eco Briquettes
  2. Paper Bags
  3. Liquid Soap