Program Director in Uganda celebrates six months with Sawa...

Program Director in Uganda celebrates six months with Sawa World

“I see the model of Sawa being replicated in every small community. I see Sawa in all countries so we can all share ideas. I see solutions being replicated.” Irene Nduta, Program Director for the Youth Program in Uganda, shares her future vision for Sawa World in a newly posted video.

Nduta leads the Ugandan team of Sawa Youth Reporters. She works with these journalists in training to discuss their story themes, video shoot requirements, and editing. Each day is filled with something new and exciting for Nduta’s team. Most recently, Sawa Youth were invited to appear on a national television show in Uganda.

Nduta was inspired to join Sawa World after hearing about the organization from a friend. She expressed, “I instantly clicked with the philosophy of Sawa; that solutions to social issues [and] community issues are found right here, right within the communities themselves.”

Nduta has witnessed the Youth Reporters grow in their skills and confidence. She is proud to see the videos are “stories that create an impact” and “stories that will inspire people to change.” The step-by-step videos provide people with practical information that can be replicated and shared. 

Nduta believes that Sawa World’s message is one that can be emulated beyond the organization. “I would really encourage every film maker to start looking at the world differently,” explains Nduta. “Let’s start looking at those solutions that inspire…Let’s focus on what’s already working.” By putting our energy into sharing these local solutions around the world, we can inspire others to implement similar solutions for themselves – allowing people to end extreme poverty in their communities.

Nduta’s full interview can be seen on our Vimeo page here.

Francesca Fionda
Communications Coordinator