Sawa World Day 2015 Draws Crowd of Close to 5,000 Youth!...

Sawa World Day 2015 Draws Crowd of Close to 5,000 Youth!

After months of preparation, hard work and the successful “I Am the Solution” fundraising campaign the highly-anticipated Sawa World Day 2015 took place April 11!

The festival featured 30 Sawa Sparks (champions of local solutions) and their income-generating ideas to instantly propel youth to start small enterprises. This energetic, day-long celebration welcomed 4, 766 youth to the Sheraton Hotel Kampala Gardens. The event also offered over 12 special workshops with partner companies of Sawa World such as New Faces, New Voices, a brainchild of Grace Machel Mandela.

Big thanks to the Sheraton Hotel Kampala and the over 50 volunteers for providing invaluable support, and to Vero Water for generously offering goodies, including t-shirts and water bottles. Most of all, thanks to all the youth who attended and learning the skills to empower themselves and their communities with local ideas! Stay tuned for more impact from the day.