Sawa World Day Official Press Release

Sawa World Day Official Press Release

Ground breaking Sawa World Day about to launch in Uganda showcasing locally-created solutions to instantly self-employ and improved the livelihoods of up to 5,000 vulnerable youth on March 23, 2014, at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel Gardens

Press release: March 14th, 2014 – Kampala, Uganda

Sawa World, in partnership with the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, is hosting the inaugural Sawa World Day on March 23, 2014. The first of its kind, this event aspires to become the most impactful exhibition in Africa by instantaneously empowering unemployed youth with practical skills for self-employment in order to help overcome extreme poverty at both an individual and a community level.

On March 23 the garden of the Sheraton Hotel will be transformed into a spectacular showcase where 25 local innovators, known as Sawa World Sparks, will gather to demonstrate their proven, practical solutions to poverty, which are transforming their communities out of extreme poverty. Their solutions are self-made, require limited resources or capital to begin, thrive without the support of charity or international aid, and can be easily replicated by others, including youth. Among the skills demonstrated are mushroom growing, bee keeping, paper beads, building eco-fuels stoves and eco-briquettes, chicken rearing, soap making and pineapple jam making. The event will further host 50 community-focused companies that will showcase ethical and empowering products.

Visitors will be able to actively engage with the numerous display booths and learn, hands-on, simple techniques that will give them the tools to change their own livelihoods. Participants will be able to replicate the solutions they learn at Sawa World Day in their own communities by setting up or working with similar small businesses in order to generate income and thereby improve their own access to basic necessities.

“We are greatly excited and honored to host the first ever Sawa World Day here in Kampala in partnership with the Sheraton Kampala Hotel,” said Daphne Nederhorst, Founder of Sawa World. “The one-day exhibition provides a unique opportunity for Ugandan youth to learn 25 practical skills, have the confidence to start their own small-scale business and instantly improve their livelihoods and that of their community”.

The event is expected to attract up to 5,000 unemployed and underemployed youth from across Uganda. The event will be promoted in by Straight Talk, Channel 44, UBC, and NTV and will host a renowned Ugandan artists Bobi Wine and Babaluku. Furthermore, several dignitaries will be in attendance including Ugandan Minster of Gender, Labour, and Social Development, Hon. Mary Karooro Okurut , Ugandan Minister of Security, Hon. Muruli Muksasa and the Managing Director Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Ian Duncan.

The entrance will be free to the public and everybody is welcome to come and share in this learning process.

About Sawa World
Sawa World is an award winning NGO that is globally recognized for its unique approach of ending extreme poverty with the aim to self-empower1.2 billion people using locally-created solutions. Sawa World believes that poverty is best solved by the people themselves and with their own ideas – Solutions from Within.

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Event Details:

Special Reception and Press Conference Sawa World Day
Friday, March 21st, 6 pm Sunday, March 23rd, 10 am to 6 pm
Sheraton Kampala Hotel Sheraton Kampala Hotel Gardens