Sawa World Links Students with Real World Experience

Sawa World Links Students with Real World Experience

Sawa World is building new relationships with students in Canada and Uganda. Through these partnerships, Sawa World aims to reach young people around the world and spread the “spark” of innovation to complex problems.

St. Lawrence University’s (SLAU) slogan asks students to “Light Your Candle.” SLAU shares in the Sawa World belief that creating strong community leaders is how positive change begins. SLAU is located 3km from Kampala city centre in Uganda. Sawa World is working closely with the Department of Mass Communication and is located in the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. In the last six months, Sawa World has already delivered presentation to over 120 journalism students, led 150 students on a field trip to meet a Sawa Spark, recruited two interns, and even launched the Sawa World Club!

The Dean of the School of Mass Communication at SLAU, Doreen Meeta says she is very excited to continue working with Sawa World.  Now, she is helping to create a five-minute video on the positive impact Sawa World has had on the department and the university in general. The video will be presented to the board of the university and acquire long-term support and funding to make Sawa World an official academic program.

In Canada, Sawa World has partnered with the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University (SFU). The School has hired Sawa World to set up an official and long term internship program for their MBA students.

The team in Uganda already met some of the Canadian MBA students at SFU via SKYPE in May of this year. Two of these students have been selected to travel to Uganda in September and be mentored by the Sawa Leaders and learn from the Sawa Leader’s unique models, leadership and solutions to extreme poverty. Sawa World is also starting to work with the Department of Development Studies and the newly formed MBA program at St. Lawrence University to explore collaboration such as providing internships and conducting research projects.

These new partnerships are helping students in Uganda and Canada to apply their academic skills with the experience of real world and extraordinary entrepreneurs who are facing extreme poverty everyday. These partnerships are inspiring both current and future Sawa Leaders to work together towards solving some of the most complex challenges of the 21st century such as extreme poverty.

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