Sawa World Receives Pan-African Award for Entrepreneurship...

Sawa World Receives Pan-African Award for Entrepreneurship in Education

After a monumental trip to New York as a finalist for the Waislitz Global Citizen Award, Sawa World’s founder, Daphne Nederhorst, joined Ugandan Country Director Sheila Ampumuza in India this past November to receive another award! The honour came in the form of the Pan-African Award for Entrepreneurship in Education; the awards, presented by the Saville Foundation, recognize the most influential and innovative solutions that apply the principles of entrepreneurship through the field of education.

This year’s awards ceremony took place in Delhi, India and both Daphne and Sheila participated in the  three-day Education That Pays For Itself conference in addition to the formal awards ceremony. During their time at the conference, which focuses on financially sustainable and innovative developments in education, both ladies were able to network with many other leading innovators in sustainable education, and the results of those meetings have led to many interesting potential projects for the upcoming weeks and months!

All of us at Sawa World are so proud of Daphne and Sheila, and so grateful that the Sawa World model is able to make a recognizable contribution to the reduction of extreme poverty through education.

Learn more about the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education here, and look for more exciting news from Sawa World soon!