Solution Video to Be Screened to 300,000 People Globally...

Solution Video to Be Screened to 300,000 People Globally

Sawa World has some very exciting news to share. This month, we welcome a new international partner, the Globally Poverty Project (GPP) ( GPP’s mission is to build an unstoppable movement of global citizens who are committed to taking actions to end extreme poverty by 2030. Since launching in 2012, more then 250,000 people around the world have taken 1.75 million actions on their online platform called

GPP is ready for something new! They will work with Sawa World to educate the public about our motto, “Solution from Within”. They will shine a light on the simple fact that people living in dire poverty already have the answers to solve their own problems.

Starting in July, GPP will launch the “Local Solution Series” on their website and showcase the Sawa World Solution Videos on a weekly basis. Our “how to” videos are made by unemployed, vulnerable youth and show simple locally-created solutions to self-employment and better livelihoods. The videos will reach an additional 300,000 people around the world on the GPP website. Stay tuned!