Welcome to the New Advisors in Uganda!

Welcome to the New Advisors in Uganda!

We are greatly honoured and humbled to have six very special Ugandan leaders join our journey as we impact millions of lives through the sharing and replication of local solutions to extreme poverty.

Our Advisors are whole-heartedly dedicated to Sawa World’s mission and have generously committed to providing their expertise and counsel wherever possible. As accomplished leaders from media, business and government organizations, they have already made valuable introductions to strategic partners, recommended grants and others sources of funding, provided advice on legal issues and one has even become an official sponsor!

Emmanuel Kalyebi, Partnership Coordinator at Sawa World, and Joan Kasozi, Sales Manager at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala, are in the process of organizing a lunch that will bring together the Advisors and the Sawa World team in July or August to collaborate on many more exciting opportunities for engagement.

As we say in Sawa World, big hugs and high fives from all of us and welcome aboard!

Meet our new Advisors here!