Youth Trained At Sawa World Day Spreads Learned Solutions...

Youth Trained At Sawa World Day Spreads Learned Solutions

Each Sawa World trained youth can be a powerful catalyst for empowerment in his or her community. John Ssansa’s story is an excellent example of how the Sawa World model can affect far reaching change in both individual lives and local communities!

John was one of the youth who attended the recent Sawa World Day in Kampala, Uganda, in April. There, he learned to replicate a number of Solutions including Book Making, Pineapple Jam Making, and numerous agricultural skills. John now runs a small business selling the books he makes and is able to earn a profit.

Before attending the Sawa World Day, John was often asked to help his friends and acquaintances learn employable skills but lacking such skills himself, had been unable to do so.

Nowadays however, John is eager to aid those he was previously unable to help. Since acquiring his newfound skills John has worked with organizations such as Swiss Contact to empower communities in poverty. He also makes school visits, recently visiting St. Michael Primary School where he was able to teach the Solutions he learned to over 300 students!

John’s story is just one of many that show the importance of individual empowerment. Through education and Solution replication, each person touched by Sawa World is able in turn to help many others realize that the solution really is within!

Watch John’s story in detail here.