BLOG #22: Sawa Leaders from the South Pacific

BLOG #22: Sawa Leaders from the South Pacific

Here are a few people from our trip that we would like you to meet.

Nadia from Vanuatu has positively impacted the lives of over 10,000 people all with her own funds and passion. Some of her gracious deeds include: building a school for 400 disadvantage children, training troubled youth to work in the hospitality industry, providing counseling for prisoners to have better lives, training taxi drivers, homemakers, and shop owners to have better businesses, providing opportunities for unemployed mothers to sell flowers at the market, and training rural women from different islands to cook balanced meals. Her thoughts on SAWA are: "SAWA will motivate our silent heroes to come forward and tell their stories. I'm so inspired to have learned about SAWA Global. I can't wait to connect with the world and share my story."

Morgan from the Solomon Islands is a former government executive in the Department of Agriculture and Lands. He founded the non profit Environmental Concern Action Network of the Solomon Islands after her was fired by the Prime Minister when he refused to assign a certificate allowing the dumping of toxic waste. His efforts have stopped the illegal dumping of millions of tons of toxic waste from Asia, as well as the exporting of dolphins. He continues to protect the environment through working closely with 20 communities all over the Solomon Islands on natural resource management projects.

He says: "Global partnerships through SAWA Global will greatly help our efforts to protect the environment in the Solomon Islands."

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