Blog # 23: SAWA Heroes and Their Positive Impact: 40,000...

Blog # 23: SAWA Heroes and Their Positive Impact: 40,000 People’s Lives Improved!

We live in a world of numbers and statistics, often overwhelmed into hopelessness by the number of people in dire need all over the world. But behind those numbers are real people with real lives who, rather than falling victim to hopelessness, persevere with ingenuity and live to inspire the rest of us with their examples of the resiliency and strength of the human spirit. These leaders in hope have their own numbers and statistics to share.

SAWA is well aware of the positive impact SAWA Heroes are having in all of SAWA’s themes. Through just eight SAWA Heroes so far 10,000 hectares of forest and 50 km of coral reef have been protected and 40,000 people’s lives have been positively impacted: materially (through provision of food, clothing, shelter, as well as education in employable skills), psychologically (through counseling, community support, and education that helps to build confidence and self sufficiency), and medically (through access to health care and education on how to prevent diseases).

4,000 of these people positively impacted are orphans

“If you wish to make an impact for one year, plant corn; if you wish to make an impact for a generation, plant a tree; if you wish to make an impact for an eternity, educate a child”

The AMAHORO Association in Rwanda, has helped over 3,000 orphans during a period of seven years, providing education, vocational training, proper health care, counseling and even food and shelter. ASOLATE, also in Rwanda, has provided over 100 youth with training in employable skills such as soldering and electrical work, paint, candle and soap-making, sewing, and project management. Nadia, one of our newly discovered SAWA Heroes from Vanuatu has single-handedly impacted the lives of over 10,000 people - building a school, training troubled youth, and providing counseling. And Morgan, from the Solomon Islands, founded the non profit Environmental Concern Action Network which has successfully stopped the illegal dumping of millions of tons of toxic waste from Asia, as well as the exporting of dolphins.

How inspiring to know that this is just the beginning, just the tip of the iceberg, just the impact we know of so far! There are many more SAWA heroes to discover, and more positive impact to report, foster and help grow!

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