I’m keen...

I’m keen...

I’m keen to connect to the world and rebuild what was destroyed after the earthquake in Fondwa from 22 years of hard work. We are looking for arictecs that can build safe and durable buildings to rebuild our medical clinics and schools.

Architects Without Borders

Hi Joseph,

I wondered if you have connected with Architects Without Borders? They are engaged in rebuilding efforts in Haiti so it would be worth connecting with them....

Best of luck with all your work; you have done so much for the people of Haiti.


Hi Joseph
I am writing from Canada to let you know about a team of folks from Canada and Us that has an architect attached to it The team returns to Haiti PAP this coming week They have designed shelters that are made of rebar PVC piping and tarps and will share their arch plans with who ever needs them, They are looking at longer term, built on the ground structures as well. I would be happy to give you their email address for plans and perhaps connect to brainstorm solutions
Thanks Barb Kruger

Thank would be great

Hello Barb,

It would be great to get this contact!

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