Sawa’s Website Gets a Make-over: A New Platform to Better...

Sawa’s Website Gets a Make-over: A New Platform to Better Serve the Heroes!

Sawa is taking its mission to empower grassroots leaders to the next level with our new website. This new web platform was designed with the goal to make it easier for Sawa Heroes to connect directly to the global community and for you to connect directly to them. At Sawa we want to provide a space that offers opportunity for local heroes to connect and share ideas that will help them increase the impacts of their projects. Our new website is a big step towards achieving this goal as it allows Sawa Heroes more control over their own profiles, the opportunity to provide their own frequent project updates, and ways that make it easier for you to connect directly with them. You can donate to, e-mail or text them directly from our website!

One of the most exiting new features is the Heroes Lounge – an online forum on our website where Heroes can network with each other to share ideas on how to combat extreme poverty and increase the positive impacts of their projects! This space will make it easier for the Heroes to connect with each other and will provide everyone with insight into the challenges, successes, and lessons on leadership behind being a Sawa Hero.

Watch the new large videos of each of our Sawa Heroes and get know their stories and follow their progress as they update and post messages on their profiles!

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