SAWA BLOG #27 Class Afloat Trip to Senegal and Cape Verde...

SAWA BLOG #27 Class Afloat Trip to Senegal and Cape Verde part 2: The Leaders

SAWA BLOG #27 Class Afloat Trip to Senegal and Cape Verde part 2: The Leaders

Things are not always what they seem. Sometimes our preconceived notions about a place are all wrong. That's what Eric experienced when he landed in Senegal. At first apprehensive because of the negative images of Africa on the news, Eric quickly saw that "the face of Senegal is warm and smiling," and full of inspiration and heroism.

Eric met many SAWA Leaders and found that heroism comes in all forms: from large-scale community projects (like the orphanage they found in Senegal that teaches street kids to be circus performers and martial artists, or the community garden that grows organic food for local woman); to the kindness of individuals (like the high school science teacher who spends all of his spare time treating his patients with the medicinal plants and trees he cultivates and studies, or like the passionate young man who travels from school to school teaching children how they can make small changed to their lifestyles to help fight global warming). These stories are just reminders that people are having a positive impact on their communities, working to alleviate suffering and solve the immense problems plaguing our world in all sorts of innovative ways. It's time for these images to shared!

The Africa I experienced is different than the image I had cobbled together from
the news reports. Africa is hopeful, kind and loving. The Africa I
experienced is full of people helping each other, their communities,
and their country. - Eric Hogan

Discussion Question: Have you ever visited a place that was not at all like what you had been led to believe from the media?

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