SAWA Blog #32: SAWA Fundraiser at Chai Restaurant in...

SAWA Blog #32: SAWA Fundraiser at Chai Restaurant in Vancouver!

Great news for SAWA! The first Wednesday of every month there will be a fundraiser for SAWA at Chai restaurant (above East is East on Broadway). Chai is a welcoming beautiful space pulsating with creativity, talent, and phenomenal live music! Walking in there is like walking into a party in the most cozy, colourful, nicely decorated, giant treehouse you could ever imagine – with stools and benches made out of beautiful wood, and Indian cushions and wall hangings adorning the walls.

Come out and support SAWA at Chai where, for $30 you can help yourself to the fantastic buffet of exquisite Indian cuisine, while local musicians pump out fusion world music that quickly turns the place into what feels like a giant dance party in someone’s huge exotic living room.

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