SAWA Blog 34: SAWA celebrates SAWA Leaders on Earth Day at...

SAWA Blog 34: SAWA celebrates SAWA Leaders on Earth Day at UBC Botanical Gardens!

Sawa found the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day this year – with a 5 day event at the UBC Botanical Gardens that allowed us to celebrate the amazing work being done by our Sawa Leaders. Inside the botanical gardens, Greenheart has created a beautiful canopy walkway up in the treetops. Along this canopy walkway SAWA placed beautiful biodegradable posters that introduced Vancouver to 10 Sawa leaders who are making positive changes in their communities. As hundreds of people walked through the walkway up in the treetops, they got to learn about SAWA and the amazing individuals that inspire us.

The event started bright and early Saturday morning April 18th, as Global TV arrived at 6:30am to do a story on what turned out to be a greatly successful event. As the day went on more and more families trickled in. There was face painting for children and wonderful live music – the world fusion beats of the local band Kola Collective – to welcome everyone in. And the momentum stayed strong all week long as class fieldtrips kept coming to experience meeting Sawa Leaders up in the treetops. What a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day!

Not only did hundred of people come out to the event, but thousands more learned about it through extensive media coverage: from being on the list of the Globe and Mail's Five Things: This Weekend, to an interview with Daphne on Global BC TV, an e-mail news release about the event, and a front page cover story of the event on 24 Hours. The total amount of people who learned about the event through these circualtions is estimated at 677,636!

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