SAWA Blog 36: SAWA Mentorship Program now the Wakili...

SAWA Blog 36: SAWA Mentorship Program now the Wakili Program!

SAWA’s mentorship program has a new name – now called the Wakili program! Wakili means “advocate” in Swahili. An advocate is someone who speaks up for a cause. Being a part of SAWA’s Wakili program means bringing your own personal connections, ideas, resources and skills to support and promote a SAWA Hero’s project. It is a partnership program intended to magnify the successes of our SAWA Heroes’ projects. Here are some updates on how the program is already making significant positive impacts on the lives of SAWA Heroes and all who they are connected with.

Gertrude, our SAWA Hero from the Kibera Project in Kenya has been connected with two student groups UBC - the medical school and the Sauder School of Business. These new Wakili groups will meet with her this summer in Kenya to explore how they can best help her grow the impact of her project. She is very excited and has already made a list of things they can do to grow her very successful micro credit project.

Mullgrave, a private school in West Vancouver, is interested in becoming a Wakili school group for Seleman, our SAWA Hero from Rwanda. They are offering to help him with his transport costs to Vancouver, where he has been invited to attend two special events full of networking possibilities - the Connecting for Change conference at the Dalai Lama Centre for Peace and Education, and a 5 day workshop at Hollyhock on Cortez Islands. The students of Mullgrave are also excited to hear him speak to their class in Septembet.

There is no limit to the impact this program can have on making a positive difference in the lives millions! Find out how you can be a part of it today at:

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