SAWA Blog 40: Students from the University of Liberia...

SAWA Blog 40: Students from the University of Liberia connect with SAWA

About a month ago, a student group in Liberia called Oikos Monrovia contacted SAWA. Oikos Monrovia comprises of innovative, enthusiastic, and progressive students from the Business College of the University of Liberia in Liberia West Africa. They are interested in connecting with SAWA Heroes to learn about their solutions and successes in order to replicate them in their own country. This is what SAWA is all about – spreading positive change and magnifying the success of solutions that work.
As we showcase the stories of amazing grassroots leaders and connect them to a global audience, not only do we provide an opportunity for them to grow their projects and connect with Wakilis (advocates), but also, and just as importantly, we provide the opportunity for others to learn from them.

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