SAWA Blog 42: SAWA Welcomes SAWA Hero Nadia Kanegai to...

SAWA Blog 42: SAWA Welcomes SAWA Hero Nadia Kanegai to Vancouver!

“The purpose of life is to help others.” - Nadia Kanegai

A big warm welcome to SAWA Hero Nadia Kanegai who arrived in Vancouver on Sunday September 20th. Like Selemen and Dr. Robert, she will be attending the Connecting for Change Conference on September 26th- 28th. But SAWA has other exciting networking events in store for her while she is here so that she can share her insights and leadership and make valuable contacts and connections that can help her grow her various projects – which she has many!

With little resources but a great commitment to helping others, Nadia has already improved the lives of 10,000 people in her home country Vanuatu. Her various projects include: providing job training for unskilled workers, opening medical clinics, schools, and daycare centres for working mothers, helping locals battle addictions to kava, rehabilitating gang – involved youth, and supporting solar energy initiatives. She hopes to expand this positive impact on her community through vocational training programs for youth, and business training for women living in rural areas.

Her brilliant leadership and dedication to her community has already touched the lives as many, and will touch many more while she is in Vancouver. She has been invited to be a keynote speaker for Club Capes Heroes Network - a group of local women entrepreneurs who have a vision of combining their business with supporting inspiring heroes. She has also been asked to speak at the Rotary Club Chinatown and the Rotary Club Ladner. We also hope to find Nadia connections in the solar energy industry that can help her install a solar energy for a remote hospital in Vanuatu, that would treat 10,000 patients.

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