Sawa Blog 47: Selemen's Gift to Sawa: The Sawa Hero...

Sawa Blog 47: Selemen's Gift to Sawa: The Sawa Hero Song

The hope and promise of a new year is always tangible - the excitement of possibilities to come, invigorating. For Sawa, we too are energized by the momentum of a new year, and with good reason. We began our journey into 2010 with a wonderful gift from one of our Sawa Heroes: Selemen from Rwanda, founder for ASOLATE.

Being inspired by his visit to Vancouver and the connections he made with the Sawa team, Selemen composed an engaging and upbeat song for Sawa called "Sawa Hero" – a tropical reggae inspired tune that compels you to move with joy. It’s the kind of song that makes you smile a beaming smile from the inside out while you sway back and forth to the rhythm.

And apparently, we’re not the only ones who think it’s so great! The song has been gaining popularity in Rwanda after going national! And it has even motivated the mayor to come and visit Selemen’s project to learn more about ASOLATE and Sawa. Selemen has had the opportunity to speak with the media, enabling even more people to learn about the positive things he is doing for his community. What an honour and gift to be a part of his journey. Because of such creative Sawa Heroes like Selemen, people are taking notice of Sawa and its community of people doing their part to change the world for the better.

"Many years I no see my mama, Many years I no see my papa
Many people wanna be my lie-awyer, Sawa Heroes never be my lie-awyer
Sawa Global you my messenger … Sawa globlal you are the hero"
-lyrics from Selemen’s song SAWA HERO by EAST AFRICA BIG BOYZ ( f2k Dr Jack )

Check out Selemen's blog ( for updates on ASOLATE!

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