Sawa Club Video Hub

The Video Hub has practical videos for each of the five Sawa Solution Themes. These can be used by Sawa Clubs for a variety of purposes including to learn, be inspired, share and replicate locally created solutions to extreme poverty.

  Green Planet

  • Inspiring Videos

Sawa Spark Yawe (Mixed Farming)

Sawa Spark Eddie (Edible School Gardens)

  • Practical Videos

Starting a Small sugarcane and Flower Farming

Starting a Coffee Nursery 

  Happy Children

  • Inspiring Videos

Sawa Spark Bosco (Caring for Street Children)

Sawa Spark Isaac (Producing Music with Youth)

  • Practical Videos

Sing-A-Long with the Sawa World Song

Simple Agriculture for Youth 

  Water, Food, Shelter

  • Inspiring Videos

Sawa World Impact on Man in Extreme Poverty

Sawa Spark Abdullah (Using Old Fishing Nets)

  • Practical Videos

Making Products from Old Fishing Nets

Making Bags from Garbage  

  Health For all

  • Inspiring Videos

Sawa Leader Dr. James (Creating Healthy Communities)

Sawa Leader Dr. Robert (Rural Health Care) 

  • Practical Videos

Organizing a Free Health Day

Caring for Children with AIDS

  Women Equals Men

  • Inspiring Videos

Sawa Spark Margret (Starting Small Businesses)

Sawa Spark John (Food Security for Women and Youth)

  • Practical Videos

Making Reusable Pads

Making Liquid Soap