Sawa Leader Benefits

Sawa World provides the following services and support to Sawa Leaders: 

  1. An assigned local Youth Reporter to document and share the Sawa Leader's approach and solutions to solving extreme poverty. These will be presented on a monthly basis with surrounding communities, local media outlets, and on the Sawa World website.
  2. An opportunity for the Sawa Leader’s approach to be shared and replicated in surrounding communities, allowing them to further contribute to the reduction of extreme poverty in the country.
  3. The opportunity to inspire others to solve their own poverty issues in their communities.
  4. The opportunity to establish local partnerships and market specific support that is needed from local communities to expand the Sawa Leader’s project.
  5. The ability to connect with other Sawa Leaders in the country to learn from one another’s successes and challenges.
  6. The opportunity to be connected to organizations (partners of Sawa World) who can assist the Sawa Leader in securing financial independence for their projects that does not rely on charity or foreign aid (e.g. organizations that provide business mentorship support, microloans etc.).
  7. Production of two minute video on the Sawa Leader’s story.
  8. Production of an additional video documenting the Sawa Leader’s innovative approach to solving extreme poverty.
  9. A DVD copy of the Sawa Leader videos for personal use and distribution.
  10. A Sawa Leader and video profile showcasing the Sawa Leader's story, approach to solving extreme poverty, monthly updates, and impact made on the community on the Sawa World's website.
  11. Access to a web platform where Leaders can connect and share ideas with other Sawa Leaders and a global community.


  • Sawa World is NOT responsible for creating or maintaining connections or partnerships that are created between the Sawa Leaders and other organizations, groups, or individuals in the community or on Sawa World's website.
  • Sawa World does NOT provide funding or in kind resources (medical supplies, school supplies, clothing, food) to support the Sawa Leader’s project.
  • Sawa World reserves the right to remove Sawa Leaders from the website and discontinue any support if Sawa Leaders do not continue to meet the requirements set out in the Sawa Leader Criteria and/or if they act in an unethical or unprofessional manner.