Sawa Leader Changed Over 17,000 Lives with Unique...

Sawa Leader Changed Over 17,000 Lives with Unique Agriculture Model

Driven by his mother’s words, “Where there is vulnerability, there is an opportunity to make a difference,” Sawa Leader, John Mutamba arose out of a life of extreme poverty determined to make a difference in impoverished communities throughout Uganda.

His work to date has made a dramatic difference in the lives of approximately 17,650 people. After attending university, John founded Agric Stock Uganda in 2006, whose mission is to eradicate rural poverty in Uganda. Now, over 8,600 impoverished community beneficiaries have been trained to utilize simple and sustainable agriculture techniques; educated in food security at a household level; and taught how to generate income from these activities.

To date, 81% of the households in John’s community can now provide two meals each day to their families, and 3,500 beneficiaries are equipped with the ability to generate a sustainable income. Many people now have the resources to send their children to school and provide adequate food, clothing and shelter for their families.

“When I was young, I had to drop out of high school to work in the tea fields to provide for my family,” says John. “I always believed it is possible to change a life of extreme poverty to a life of health and well-being.”

Cissy Namitala, a widowed mother living with HIV/ AIDS, is grateful for the help John’s organization has provided. Through Agric Stock Uganda, Cissy acquired fruit tree seedlings. She is now able to generate an income with her fruit. “Just as the environment needs more trees, I am also benefitting from taking care of them,” she says.

Here are two videos that tell John’s inspiring story and provide key tips of his success in solving poverty in his own community.

John's Story Video

 John's Tips Video

John Tips Video from sawaworld on Vimeo.

John and Agristock

This is a wonderful story. Congratulations John and all the members of the communities who have put service above self in support of your objectives.

Susan Wright