Sawa Leaders

Leaders Program

Sawa Leader - Uganda

John has improved the lives of over 17,000 marginalized people by training them in using simple and ecological agriculture...

Sawa Leader - Uganda

Treated over 6,000 critically ill individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS; trained health care workers with home care skills; provided...

Sawa Leader - Uganda

James works with Sawa Leader, Robert Kalyesubula as a medical doctor at the African Community Center for Social Sustainability...

Sawa Leader Alumni

Sawa Leader - Uganda

Olivia has empowered over 46,000 vulnerable women in urban and rural settings in Uganda by providing employable and income...

Sawa Leader - Uganda

Anny works in the most neglected and populous slums in Kampala. She uses an integrated approach to rescue vulnerable children,...

Sawa Leader - Zimbabwe

Improved the lives of over 600 abandoned children and young women through skills and education although widowed with 8 children and...

Sawa Leader - Cape Verde

Empowered 350 people from a disenfranchised community with income and access to basic necessities using art.

Sawa Leader - Tanzania

A refugee by the age of 14, Asukulu empowered over 30,000 people in a camp in Tanzania.

Sawa Leader - Kenya

With $1 she started a wide scale vocational training project for women and youth in Africa’s biggest slum, Kibera. In total, she...

Sawa Leader - Rwanda

Started an orphanage with 13 other orphans at the age of thirteen. All of them carried the HIV virus. They have helped over 2,900...

Sawa Leader - Vanuatu

Improved the lives of 10,000 vulnerable women and children with vocational training and education.

Sawa Leader - Nigeria

Hiked for days to 100 remote communities to educate women and youth in communication technology.

Sawa Leader - Senegal

Was inspired by his mother to empower women in his community. He started a school for disadvantaged and rural women and teaches...

Sawa Leader - Colombia

Started a unique care model in a semi-rural setting to rehabilitate over 100 harshly abused and abandoned children between the ages...

Sawa Leader - Solomon Islands

Started a national environmental protection group and saved 10,000 ha of forest from logging, restored 50 km coral reef, and saved...

Sawa Leader - Senegal

Started the first climate change education program for primary students in Senegal for 500 children.

Sawa Leader - Haiti

Provided new hope for over 100 Haitians with disabilities using art.

Sawa Leader - Haiti

Changed the lives of more than 1,800 Haitian families that are living with HIV/ AIDS.

Sawa Leader - Haiti

Improved the lives of over 200,000 rural Haitians and planted half a million trees.