Sawa World and The Grameen Creative Lab take first step...

Sawa World and The Grameen Creative Lab take first step towards partnership

At the recent United Nations Private Sector Forum, Sawa’s Founder Daphne Nederhorst met with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and the two began discussions on working together. “Both organizations share a common vision of eradicating poverty by working with the talents and skills of people who live in poverty. Sawa can introduce the unique leadership and innovations of the Sawa Leaders and Grameen can provide us with the knowledge to establish local income models through social business development which could support the growth of our local champions,” said Nederhorst.

As a result of meeting Professor Yunus, Sawa World is now actively working with The Grameen Creative Lab, to see how the two groups can work together. The partnership will be further explored in Haiti this December when the team at the Creative Lab will meet with the Sawa  team and three Sawa Leaders in Haiti.

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You never cease to amaze me Daphne. Keep up the awesome energy.