Sawa World Welcomes Two New Board Trustees!

Sawa World Welcomes Two New Board Trustees!

Sawa World Welcomes Two New Board Trustees

Sawa World is pleased to welcome two community leaders as Board Trustees. These new members not only have extensive education and work experience that continues to propel careers and international efforts; they also bring with them incredible focus, imagination and energy. With their proven track record of success and drive to reduce international poverty, we can look forward to working together in the months ahead.

Two years ago, Daphne Nederhorst was struck by the warm energy and youthful spirit of a conference facilitator on Bowen Island. She learned this dynamic leader also had a rich background in business, coaching and international aid. Now this individual, Susan Wright, has agreed to Chair Sawa World’s Board Trustees. Susan has played a central role in change management strategy and leadership development in her former role as Corporate Vice President of Human Resources at Ontario Hydro and with a diverse range of other businesses. She is currently running the Leader Coach and Internal Coach certification programs offered by The Coaching Project. She also leads personal development workshops and utilizes the power of story to encourage others to make positive changes. “I am so thrilled to play an integral role in Sawa World. I have been incredibly impressed with Daphne and her vision, energy and accomplishments,” says Susan. “With an amazing team supporting her vision, I see the profound impact Sawa World will continue to make in eradicating extreme poverty in the poorest countries of the world.”

Stuart Poyntz, a professor in the School of Communications at Simon Fraser University, will work with Sawa World’s Youth Media Training Program, local media partners and Sawa Youth Reporters to assess growth opportunities. As a new Sawa World Board Trustee, Stuart is keen to apply his extensive experience developing media education tools for youth across Canada. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia and has an interest in digital media technology and research interests in youth and media cultures. “Sawa offers great promise for so many and I am tremendously excited to work with this innovative organization to achieve goals that have the potential to change the lives of so many,” says Stuart.

Sawa World thanks our two new Board Trustees for their commitment and anticipates an enriching experience for all!