Sawa World’s Family Grows!

Sawa World’s Family Grows!

Canadian Universities Look to Partner with Sawa in 2012 

Sawa World is excited to be exploring avenues for collaboration with the SFU Beedie School of Business and the UBC School of Journalism.

Director of the UBC School of Journalism Program and former 60 Minutes producer, Peter Klein, is looking how to team up with Sawa Youth Reporters. Klein is no stranger to working with students to cover controversial global issues. In 2010, Klein and a group of UBC Graduate School of Journalism students won an Emmy for their film, “Ghana: The Digital Dumping Ground”. Their investigative news documentary explored the shocking impacts of electronic waste. But what happens after the cameras and crew leave? That’s where Sawa Youth Reporters step in! Working as a team, Sawa Youth Reporters can help document short follow up videos on topics that have been covered by Klein and his team. This unique opportunity will offer a new way to continually engage the world on these important issues.

The Associate Dean of the SFU Beedie School of Business, Kirk Hill has also been speaking with Sawa World Founder, Daphne Nederhorst about a wide range of partnership possibilities. Developing an official partnership could lead to internships in Uganda. Selected MBA students would have the unique opportunity to learn from Sawa Leaders’ innovative projects and see how they have found successful solutions to overcome extreme poverty in their communities. The MBA students can bring these extraordinary lessons of leadership to a wider global audience.

The internship program with Sawa World is planned to start in 2012

Francesca Fionda,
Program Coordinator, Communications Team