Sawa's Founder Inspires Corporate Leaders at PepsiCo...

Sawa's Founder Inspires Corporate Leaders at PepsiCo

Daphne Nederhorst was recently invited by the new CEO of PepsiCo to speak to 150 employees in Chicago. PepsiCo is looking to create a vibrant internal culture lead by values and integrity and to explore how the organization can make a long lasting impact in the community and globally.
Sawa's Founder was invited to share her story of how she's gone from dreaming of empowering the very poor since she was 6 years old to making it a reality. Daphne motivated the group by encouraging them to dream big and letting them know that their passion and courage can make the impossible, possible. Daphne also talked about the Sawa Heroes and said "The Heroes lead with egoless personalities and with undying perseverance to create positive change. They don't just talk about change; they actually make it happen and this what we need more of in the world."
Daphne will continue collaborating with the senior team at PepsiCo to explore how Sawa Global can help their organization have a global impact.


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