Ugandan Sawa Leader receives 80,000USD of essential medical...

Ugandan Sawa Leader receives 80,000USD of essential medical equipment

After much anticipation, Ugandan Sawa Leader Dr. Robert and the African Community Center for Social Sustainability (ACCESS) received a container filled with approximately 80,000USD worth of essential medical supplies. This generous donation, made possible through Sawa Global and a group of international organizations, will allow Robert’s team to effectively treat thousands of critically ill rural Ugandans. Below, Dr. Robert shares his story!

Special thanks to Uganda Film and Television Institute for shooting this film and David Murphy for editing it.


Medical Equipment received from Canada/USA

How wonderful this equipment arrived safely and in good condition. We loved watching this video and seeing Ugandans who will benefit from this gift!!! Dr. Kalyesubula, though he is young, is such an asset to the community there in Uganda!!!