Eder Romeus

Country: Haiti

About Eder

Eder Romeus lost the function of his legs to polio at the age of three and lives in a shack with no running water or electricity. Despite his struggles, Eder has realized his dream of helping others with disabilities by creating Action Together to Support the Handicapped (ACCENH). ACCENH supports this vulnerable group through unique performing arts-based programming, allowing them to gain confidence and independence. Eder dreams of building a school in which he can increase the scope of his project through teaching art and job skills. In a country ravaged by poverty and despair, Eder brings much needed hope and possibility!

Story Video

Project Impact

Total Lives Improved:

  • 179 people transformed with confidence, arts and basic needs 12 people with art performance dancing and painting (150-200 guests)
  • 20 adults with 15 painting classes
  • 20 children with painting classes twice a week
  • 57 orphans with painting and acting skills
  • 70 people with food, tarps and crutches after the 2010 earthquake

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