What Does Sawa Do? Part 4-Identifying Local Income for Sawa...

What Does Sawa Do? Part 4-Identifying Local Income for Sawa Leaders

In What Does Sawa Do? Parts 1 through 3 we discussed Sawa’s methods for improving its groundbreaking approach to supporting local Leaders who are fighting extreme poverty in their communities. While working with the Leaders to determine how we could best support their efforts, these extraordinary individuals expressed one common sentiment: The desire to grow their projects to a larger scale, and have an ongoing income that allows them to work independent of charity and foreign aid. In order to achieve this, Leaders asked for Sawa’s support in discovering locally generated income options for their projects.

In response, Sawa has implemented an initial step to support the Sawa Leaders. First, Sawa will conduct social/business enterprise assessments among all Leaders starting with Haiti in the early spring. Not only will these assessments determine what leaders are already doing to generate their own incomes, they will also bring to light the needs that Leaders have. Next, Sawa will begin looking for local business mentors and institutions to work with the Leaders on an ongoing basis, help further their projects, and develop permanent locally generated income. Finally, Sawa will continue to explore international collaborations with Virgin Unite, Western Union, Grameen Bank and Mercy Corps. These partnerships may also stimulate the development of social enterprises for the Sawa Leaders and help their solutions grow to scale.

Not only does Sawa wish to introduce a bold new approach for solving extreme poverty, we want to develop a local system that will generate income without foreign aid and charity. What are your ideas to grow local income options for the Sawa Leaders? Visit our discussion board to post your comments!